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Hygienic Scrub Brush with Fused Bristles

Hygienic Scrub Brush with Fused Bristles

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Our most common scrub brush, great for cleaning many different sizes of pots, pans and containers. Keep your food processing and production equipment clean with these Hygienic Cleaning and Scrubbing Brushes. This Gong Brush is available in a variety of colors to help ensure they stay in their color-coded zones. Features a textured handle to prevent your hand from slipping. Available in 20" and 8.5" Lengths.  This brush is metal-free and is made with fused HACCP/FDA-compliant bristles. Available in 8" and 20" lengths.

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PLATESCRAPE V2 Mini is the ideal tool for on and off site pre-sanitation. Use to clean egg, cheese, food waste, and dried on sauces, all while saving water, time and money! Restaurants are saving thousands of dollars a year in saved labor, water, and energy costs!


17 x 11 x 8"

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