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Nate's Water Saving Story

Nate was washing dishes after a wedding when he had his ah-ha moment! Frustrated with how much water was being wasted he just knew there had to be a better way. That night he drilled toilet scrubbers into a super-glued, Plexiglas tub. The next morning he filled it up with water and ran a dirty dish through it....

3-weeks later he was standing on the stage of Tech Pitch holding Audience Choice Award.

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Multi-Surface Cleaner & Degreaser

Nothing destroys grease, dirt, and grime like Bonsai. Fill 32oz spray bottles at 5 cents per bottle. Mix in a mop bucket and clean floors for 25 cents a gallon.

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Award Winning Dishwashing Tool

Restaurants are reducing their total water use by up to 55% saving thousands of dollars a year!

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Save Water. Give Water.

Through Water.org

Traditional methods of washing dishes wastes millions of gallons of clean, drinkable water, every day. With PLATESCRAPE and Bonsai we are changing the way dishes are washed saving time, energy, and water!

For every PLATESCRAPE or Bonsai product sold we make a donation to Water.org