The Water Warrior Story

Nate Stein from San Luis Obispo, California

It was late one night when I was washing dishes for my Dad's catering company when I had the idea. It came from golf club scrubbers and I remember wishing I had something like that.

Prototype #1

That night after work I went to the nearest grocery store. I bought a bunch of different toilet scrubbies and worked through the middle of the night. The next morning it leaked like crazy but this is the first PLATESCRAPE I built.

PS Creations is Founded

January 16th 2015 PS Creations is Founded by Nate Stein and Ryan Kruse.

Santa Clara Water Grant

Santa Clara Valley Water has approved a grant to test PLATESCRAPE in the real world to find out exactly how much water it saves!

Save Water. Give Water.

Traditional methods of washing dishes wastes millions of gallons of clean, drinkable water, every day. With PLATESCRAPE and Bonsai we are changing the way dishes are washed saving time, energy, and water!

For every PLATESCRAPE or Bonsai product sold we donate to