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High-Heat Fryer Brushes - Teflon® Bristles

High-Heat Fryer Brushes - Teflon® Bristles

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Thoroughly clean your commercial fryers with these high-heat fryer brushes. Our brushes are manufactured with rigid high-heat Teflon® bristles that help aggressively clean encrusted, cooked-on debris on kitchen equipment and withstands temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
• Designed with a long handle to keep hands away from high temperatures and burns.
• Each brush is designed to complete a specific task, the “L-Shape” fryer brush is designed to easily clean under and around burner tubes and heating elements.
   - The “Straight” fryer brush is designed to each through narrow spaces. Each brush is made with a polypropylene grip handle that stays cool during use. 
• Promotes more frequent cleaning to meet sanitation regulations and improve food flavor.
• Red handle quickly indicates high-temp application. 
• Handle features a hang-up hole from proper storage when not in use.
• High-Heat twisted-in-Wire Bristles available in 28" Straight Fryer brush with 1 3/8" Brush Dia.
• 23" L-shaped Fryer Brush options specifically designed to clean Fryer machines.
• Made in USA.

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17 x 11 x 8"

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