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20" High-Heat Utility Fryer Brush - Teflon® Bristles

20" High-Heat Utility Fryer Brush - Teflon® Bristles

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The perfect brush to tackle your toughest messes on hot equipment such as oil fryers, broasters, waffle irons, hot vats, griddles, woks, pans and surface grills.  Our brushes are made with high-heat resistant Teflon® bristles so you don’t have to wait until the oil cools down to clean your equipment. Which makes it a great brush to save precious time in commercial kitchens, fast-food chains and restaurants. 

• The high heat bristles can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
• Handle features a grooved sure grip design that helps the brush sit securely in the user's hand during cleaning.   
• Stiff bristles are designed for removing encrusted, cooked-on debris and grease on kitchen equipment, cookware and hot vats. 
• Promotes more frequent cleaning to meet sanitation regulations and improve food flavor. Plastic handles stay cool to the touch.
• High-Heat Bristles to tackle the toughest messes on hot equipment.
• The poly block is not meant to be submerged in these same temperatures but is long enough to keep employees hands
   far away from the heat source and to reduce the risk of burns.  
• Made in USA

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17 x 11 x 8"

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