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Shoreline Beach Cafe (Santa Barbra, CA)

Water Warriors using PLATESCRAPE

Every meal should start with a clean plate ..

PLATESCRAPE gets the food crust that your dishwasher misses. Ensure that NO customer receives a dirty plate at the table. Pretty important right?

Drop the Spray Nozzle

Spray nozzles use 1-3 gallons of HOTwater per minute! PLATESCRAPE was tested by Food Service Technology Center to work 40% fasterand use 93% less water than your average spray nozzle.

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Estimated Cost of Pre-Sanitizing 200,000 Plates

Why the brush?

People told us we were crazy to build a brush that didn't need replacing.

Williom A. Cordes 2018 innovation of the year award

U.S Pantented And 100% Made In America

Best New Restaurant Product

Water Warriors

Antojitos is a restaurant in the hear of San Jose, Costa Rica.

Reduced water use by 50%!

"PLATESCRAPE is a must for every restaurant! I even had our pray nozzle removed."

-Muni Figueres - Owner

Milohas is a family owned business making Colombian empanadas and other baked goods

Reduced water use by 30%!

"PLATESCRAPE is easy, fast and fun! As a small business, PLATESCRAPE was the ideal solution to not having room for a dishwasher!"

Mireya Baez - Owner

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