PLATESCRAPE Brings Fresh Approach With Water Saving Innovation

PLATESCRAPE is a breakthrough product created by an inspiring startup company, and driven by the entrepreneurial trio of Stephen Zoeller, Nate Stein and Ryan Kruse.


This ultimate water saving solution for dishwashing has recently been tested by the Food Service Technology Center. The results of a 200 plate comparison proves PlateScrape saves 93% more water than the average low flow spray nozzle. In addition, the innovative product was twice as fast cleaning all of those heavily baked-on tomato-paste-plates. Dishwashing is the dirtiest problem in any kitchen and PlateScrape has emerged as the single most effective solution to clean plates with a surprisingly little amount of water.

“Our award-winning brushes effortlessly clean some of the most stubborn eggs, cheeses, or dried sauces,” noted Nate Stein, CEO and inventor of the product. “Using the PlateScrape is also very simple, you just need to dunk the dirty plates through our interlocking brushes and that’s it,” he added.


PlateScrape is quickly making waves in both the catering and party rental industries, as other utensils can also be easily cleaned through this system besides plates. In addition, this water saving solution has already attained patent pending status, to secure its foothold in the United States. This amazing blend of innovation and technology is shaping the future of the foodservice industry.


It started with an immediate water conservation strategy, “Saving water is saving the planet and current dishwashing processes wastes a lot of water,” Stein explained.  PlateScrape’s revolutionary technology eliminates the water and energy waste as it simultaneously cleans both sides of the plates in a dunk and a scrub.



“We take great pride that PlateScrape can significantly reduce waste in the industry. Did you know that 52% of all water being used in a restaurant comes solely from kitchen dishwashing?” Stein continued. PlateScrape also brings an impressive track record of electric savings. “We are enabling our users to save 3,689 kWh of electricity per year, which means that they can save more than $373 on electricity, and as much as $114 on gas,” Stein added.

The PlateScrape system can work alongside all models of dishwashers. From large flight machines in healthcare and military operations to the traditional door machine at a restaurant, PlateScrape creates energy and labor efficiency.


For many operators, as well as E&S and Jan-San dealers and distributors that support them, it’s the bottom line results PlateScrape delivers that have attracted them to the product. Food Service Technology Center testing verified that a spray nozzle costs $518 per sanitizing 200,000 plates, whereas the PlateScrape costs only $17 in water. Pre-sanitizing more than 600 dirty plates with just 4.5 gallons of water has enabled operators to save thousands of dollars.

Restaurants will also greatly benefit from PlateScrape’s innovative solution. “Our goal is for 1% of restaurants in America to switch to the PlateScrape, so that we can come together as an industry to save water. We are on a mission to save 220 million gallons of water by 2020,” Kruse concluded.

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