Waffle House Reduced Cleaning Costs by +30%

Waffle House Reduced Cleaning Costs by +30%

Waffle House, the beloved breakfast chain known for its delicious food and round-the-clock operations, has recently approved a non-toxic cleaner and degreaser called Bonsai. The decision was made due to Bonsai's effectiveness in both cost and cleanliness. Even the customers noticed a significant improvement inside the restaurant.

The approval process for vendors at Waffle House is rigorous and takes time to ensure that the chain is following a high standard of cleaning. Bonsai was specifically designed for such highly trafficked and used areas that require constant cleaning to ensure safety. The product's ability to remove tough stains and grime without leaving behind any residue, combined with its cost-effectiveness makes it the perfect solution for Waffle House's demanding schedule.

I am a unit manager at Waffle House 2294 in Hudson Florida and have been using the Bonsai cleaner and degreaser for about 6 months now. The product is simple to use, comes with a measuring scoop, has no odor, doesn’t leave any filmy residue on your hands like bleach does, and it cleans everything from walls, mirrors, stainless steel, floors, windows and drains! I can not stress enough how convenient this product is! You don’t need to wear gloves, eye protection or worry about bleach spots on your clothes because it is a green product with no harsh chemicals or smell. It’s amazing how 1 product can replace 4 (bleach, floor cleaner, windex and degreaser). It definitely saves on my operating costs, and saves time on having to switch up products for different tasks. 

Erica, Unit Manager Waffle House 2294 

We are thrilled to provide a cleaning product for such an iconic restaurant chain like Waffle House. It's an honor for us to be a part of maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. We are committed to providing the best cleaning solution for all of our customers big and small. 

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